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2016 Meeting Schedule

February 9, 2016

May 3, 2016 Jerod Moyer

 August 9, 2016 Federal Reserve, FDIC

2016 Annual Heartland Compliance Conference November 3, 2016  Professional Bank Services

              2016 Officers:

Natasha Hollis       -  Chairperson
Matt Perry             -  Vice Chairperson
Tammy Curtright   -  Secretary
Joe Harkins           -  Treasurer

          Steering Committee:

Brad Bischoff       Jeri Hewitt

Chuck Marshall    Jon Ott

 Peg Baldwin         Jim Jacobs

Ann Richardson    Denise Masterson

Cathy Shanelec    Gail Beutler-Eyman

Kerry Von Schriltz

See you November 3, 2016 at our Annual Conference featured speakers this year are Anetria Connell and K. Natalie Straus from Professional Bank Services. 




Our Mission Statement

Heartland Compliance, a Kansas organization, whose purpose is to encourage and combine the ideas, intelligence, and influence of its members for the promotion of compliance information and networking among its membership; to provide its members educational programs on compliance and related topics; and to provide a medium for the timely gathering of its members for the purposes of education and exchange of ideas.